NZ Needs Quality Rental Properties

New-ZealandIn an ideal world New Zealand’s rental properties would be fit for royalty. We know New Zealand is where so many foreigners want to live and there’s no denying it’s outright beauty so why are so many of our rental properties only fit for the third world?

Is it a lack of Landlord recourse when tenants fail to professionally clean the property at the end of their tenancy? If the end of tenancy professional clean (including steam cleaning carpets) was the norm, surely there’d be less complaints and happier tenants.

At least half of all New Zealand landlords are now use a property management service and this is improving the quality of the rental stock around the country. However there’s a fair way to go before New Zealand’s low end rental stock is much improved.

The rental property management industry is still very young and it’s unregulated. Over the years property management has attracted all walks of life with a very mixed result. Too many start ups have failed and many have done so leaving a wake of destruction in their path. However with more media attention, the rental property market will continue to improve in quality and professionalism.

PropertyTutors mentoring clients typically purchase properties that are in dire need of a full renovation. When these properties are returned to the market for sale, property investors love to acquire them as they require zero maintenance and are in a fit condition for tenants.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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