What Do Successful Property Investors Have In Common?

Successful property investors have a few traits in common and not just with each other but also with professional sports and career professionals. While most of us look for shortcuts, arguably successful property investors want to learn and improve their systems by completing the entire process.  Their obsessive attention to detail motivates them to analyse, learn, develop skills and acumen they can use time and time again so they achieve better results every time.  Practice makes perfect is their motto.

Doing the hard yards is not for everyone.  Shortcuts and reaching the destination as fast as possible is what most of us desire and  it’s this impatience that the ‘get-rich-quick’ scammers prey on. Property investment has it’s fair share of get-rich-quick scams with mums and dads often ending up losing everything.

Successful property investors know from the outset there are no short cuts.

The same rules apply every time for every deal and while it can be hard going, mundane and slow work the results prove their methodology works.

Sports people also know there are no shortcuts however some have been tempted with performance enhancing drugs and they too have can end up ruined long before they’ve become a success.

Other traits commonly associated with successful property investors include: an attention to detail, keeping an inventory of triumphs, rewarding themselves and a passion for improvement.  A local list of well known property investors would include Sean Wood of PropertyTutors, Ron Hoy Fong, and a regular on PropertyTalk Graeme Fowler.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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