The Future Today

officeHow and where we live and work is evolving as technology provides more freedom and we have greater access to competitively priced products and services.  Our homes are slowly becoming more high-tech and connected. Plus companies are increasing the number of ‘hot desks’ available in their workplaces.  Similarly there are some exciting property developments happening around the world that if adopted in New Zealand will truly alter workplaces and living quarters forever.  Some of our local property developers have great vision for New Zealand including ultra-modern work spaces and living quarters.

The Chow Brothers are Wellington based property magnates with an estimated fortune of $75 million.  Their dealings in Real Estate and commercial enterprises include brothels, hotels and a thriving downtown food court. Now they are stepping up with a revolutionary make-over of three floors of a downtown commercial building they purchased back in 2010.  What’s planned and being built right now is a big set up for commercial office space.  An artist impression (seen in an article on presents a modern, hip, high-tech environment. In the ‘Urban Hub’, the Chow brothers say, there will be 80 serviced offices some large enough for a business with 10 staff.

The urban hub will have many relaxing meeting areas, a cafe and a deck overlooking Lampton Quay.   Right now there’s nothing like it on offer in New Zealand.  The Chow brothers did their research which suggested there is demand for this offering particularly  from small businesses located outside of Wellington but also want a city base.

The project is now well underway and it’s expected completion date is in April 2016.  Once it’s online and occupied then the Chow brothers will be looking to roll it out in Auckland.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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