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Low Interest Rates Winners and Losers

Lower mortgage interest rates is a big deal for most homeowners and buyers. Existing homeowners can hunt around for a better deal with the same or another lender and in the process save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on interest payments. Even if a borrower is locked into a fixed rate deal on a […]

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Will Property Investment Be Viable in 2018?

December has arrived and while this article has a serious side, for a bit of fun we’ve included a couple of links we believe you’ll enjoy. Landlords are nervous and some are wondering about the future of property investment in New Zealand and if it’s right for them in 2018. There’s definite cause for their […]

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What Landlords Must Know About Meth Testing

Globally, New Zealand has the highest rate of Methamphetamine use per head of population. Due to this reality, meth testing services are popular throughout the country. As a landlord you must be knowledgeable of meth testing protocol and tenant rights – or risk being stung with a sizeable bill! Meth testing is imperative between tenancies […]

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Property Investors Respond To Call For Tighter WOF

Renters United, a tenancy advocacy party based in Wellington sparked a new discussion on PropertyTalk recently; namely their recent pre-election initiative asking all political parties to respond to questions on their housing policy. The answers were then published in traffic light summaries with links to each party’s full response on the website. It was a […]

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Maximising your outdoor living for year round use

Properties which are orientated to maximise sunlight are at the top of priority list for home buyers, according to NZGBC.co.nz. So investing in an attractive, liveable outdoor space, with good flow between indoors and outdoors, is money well spent. Not only will it make your home feel more expansive, but it will also pay dividends should you decide to sell.

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Warkworth – Auckland’s newest satellite town

Formerly a long weekend getaway destination for Auckland City residents the town of Warkworth and surrounding communities – Matakana, Omaha, Snells Beach, are rapidly expanding into what will likely become Auckland’s next satellite town. Situated a mere 45 minute drive from downtown Auckland, the greater Warkworth region has been earmarked in the Auckland Council’s ten year plan as the area of greatest residential growth.

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March Madness Hits Cities – It’s A Full House

It’s a full house in Auckland and Wellington now the students have returned for the 2017 year. Traffic is heavy and patience is needed as we’re all tested in peak hour. On the home front development is soon to get underway on the huge 57 floor apartment tower call “The Pacifica”. It will have 295 Apartments many will be premium with a price tag to match.

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Inspiring Property Investor Story

It’s Christmas and time for a property investment feel good story! NZHerald have a property investor story online today. It’s about a young Aussie couple who have invested their way to A$10 million in just six years. Reading between the lines you can identify the couple’s traits used to walk their own path rather than follow the crowd. It’s therefore a must read for young people needing confidence to start their adult life on their own terms.

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500+ Investors Learn The Way To Profit

More than 500 people gathered in The Langham, Auckland over the weekend for the Property Masters event to meet property investment mentors: Sean Wood and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors. Sean set up PropertyTutors in 2008 to mentor property investors in the property trading strategy.

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Couple of Rentals Is Not Enough Says Investors

A discussion on PropertyTalk on whether Landlords should own just a couple of rentals each has created some lively debate over the past few days. Property investment is deemed one of the causes of the Auckland housing crisis and last year the bright line test rule, and 70% LVR on Auckland rental properties came into effect to target investor activity.

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Measures To Tackle Rising Property Market

The measures imposed last year by the RBNZ and the Government worked albeit for just a couple of months. Property prices dropped and we all took a breather from October through to February this year. The property data for March presented a rebound in both property sales and prices in Auckland and many other regions and this month is also buoyant. Therefore it’s likely more restrictions aimed at limiting demand for Auckland property will come into play soon.

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