March Madness Hits Cities – It’s A Full House

PACIFICIAIt’s a full house in Auckland and Wellington now the students have returned for the 2017 year.  Traffic is heavy and patience is needed as we’re all tested in peak hour.  On the home front development is soon to get underway on the huge 57 floor apartment tower call “The Pacifica”.  It will have 295 Apartments   many will be premium with a price tag to match.  Prices are expected to start at $640,000 with penthouses in the $3million plus range.  Many of these apartments will be rental stock, managed by property managers.  Their owners are likely to be a mix of local and offshore landlords.

Property management firm Pedersens Property Management say there’s no difference in the service provided to local and offshore landlords now most of the management and reporting services are online.  These systems can also be offered in different languages too. Landlords down the road log in just like landlords based in Australia, China or further afield like in the UK.

Property management hasn’t completely gone online, it is still mostly hands on.  Property inspections happen as much as four times a year and tenants need the face to face contact.   Plus there’s the interviewing of new tenants too.  Landlords are happier to make good use of online systems like video  conferencing and Skype and they’ll happily sign off on maintenance jobs via online scheduling services.  Accessing a client portal for viewing inspection reports and imagery and financial statements is now the norm with some operators now offering mobile apps.

So it’s a full house in Auckland and Wellington and more migrants arriving daily.  The good news is additional rental stock in the hundreds is no headache for property management firms who can scale to meet growing demand.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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