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13 Things to Bring With You When You Show a Property to a Prospect

There are lot of different ways to screen tenants, but one of the best (and least understood) ways to ‘screen’ is to attract the highest-quality prospects you can in the first place. There are a few solid techniques for doing so — setting a high bar on your prequalifications, for example. Another is to go all-out when you show a property — make it clear that the place deserves someone who loves it as much as you do. That’s why these 13 things belong in your “showing kit.”

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Conquer Your Clutter at Home

It’s kind of like working out — you’ll be impressed by what a few minutes a few times a week can eventually build up to. Tackling a messy home isn’t easy — but especially when you’re renting or leasing, you never know when some minor emergency will have the landlord handing you a 48-hour entry notice.

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