Important Facts about Minor dwellings

aucklandIts first prize win at last year’s Master Builder ‘House of the Year’ Awards with a home in the $250 000-and-under category has firmly established Investor Homes as an exceptional New Zealand building company.

While gaining success as the only wholesale building company in New Zealand, Investor Homes has also drawn recognition from its minor dwellings.
Minor dwellings are secondary units which can be built on already existing titles.

Once called ‘granny flats’ and built for extended family or aging parents, minor dwellings today are a modern and cost-effective alternative to pricey subdivisions while providing an excellent investment opportunity.

Whereas subdivisions can easily cost $70 000 per lot, minor dwellings provide a way around this.

Stuart Shutt, director of Investor Homes, has seen the ‘two-house return for the price of one-and-a-half’ on numerous projects, such as a recently completed minor dwelling on the rear site of a rental home in Henderson, West Auckland.

“After purchasing a four-bedroom house for $242K, my client spent $15K renovating it and rented it out for $400 a week.

At the same time he invested in building a three-bedroom minor dwelling on the property for $150K (turn-key including all council costs) which he rented for $340 a week.

In total $407K was spent on the property. The value of the property went up to $500K in six months with a build time of only ten to twelve weeks.” So a $93k capital gain and a positive income!

Building a minor dwelling on an already existing title significantly boosts the return of a property through both rental earnings and capital appreciation however an awareness of council regulations is essential.

Building a minor dwelling in a suburb of Manukau or North Shore City, for example, is possible as long as it only takes up 60m², or 65m² in West Auckland.
Investor Homes encourages people to act on potential investment based on numbers and sound advice that covers each aspect of minor dwelling projects, from location to products and plans.

Offering a huge range of minor dwelling plans and prices, some of which can be viewed on their website, Investor Homes also offers informed investment advice concerning minor dwelling projects.

“We recently worked with a woman living on a property with a sloping backyard that was hard to mow and difficult for the kids to play on,” says Stuart.
“We created a minor dwelling strategy that saw something which was costing her money turned into a goldmine.
“Minor dwellings a very safe form of development – you can sell it for a profit, or if for some reason you can’t sell, you’re left with a positive income.”