Renovating Some Quick Tips

tipsNow that Summer is upon us we like to make our Investment Property look really nice there are several easy ways on achieving this.

House wash this can add thousands to the out look of your property. Over the winter months the grime etc has built up on the exterior of the House and a simply wash will take that off.

Firstly if you are going to under take this yourself make sure you give the house a low pressure wash all over just to wet the House. Then you wash the House using a Chemical detergent that is approved for exterior of Houses this will eat into the dirt but not the paint on the House. Then you give it a light wash again which will bring all the dirt off the surface of your house. Make sure you use a low pressure system when washing as it will eat into any paint you have using a high pressure system.

When washing the House make sure you wash from the top down so if you wish to do the roof start there then work your way down the house. My advice to you is that washing the roof can be a very dangerous job and you should leave it to the professionals at the time.Waterblast the decks and the fences and anywhere concrete as well it will make a big difference.

If you waterblast the fence then paint it with a water based paint it wont sink in and you wont have to use much paint. Stainning the Decks can be a mission so use a dark stain as you wont have to use much stain in the end.

For the garden I normally take all the weeds off and put a weed mat down with bark and some simple flowers or plants around it.
We have found that if you go and talk to your local nursery person they are a wealth of knowledge in respect of what are the good plants to use.

Rubbish around the property we now use those skip bags that you can buy from most hardware retailers is the most cost efficient way to dispose of rubbish now days.Unless you have a lot of hard rubbish get those bags stick them in a convient location and fill up.

These simply tips if done well will add thousands onto your done up investment property and will only cost you hundreds in cost.