The Educators Catch 22: Knowledge to Action is Not a Scam


As I mentioned in my post titled “Is Knowledge to Action a Scam?” the bulk of people who complain about training courses are normally people who are trying to avoid the risk of changing their life. Risk is scary for many people so providing an opportunity to change their life can cause a lot of internal conflict.

Most people like to stay “safe and comfortable” with their life even though, deep down, they are very aware that this is not how you reach your dreams and goals.

People who complain about the cost of a course or the fact that the educators don’t provide lunch tells me this person is looking for any excuse to invalidate the chance to change.

If you do want to change your life and you have heard about a course that could help you get closer to your goals, but you see a negative review or comments about the course, ALWAYS look behind the comments and look at the person who wrote the review. You will normally find a person who constantly complains and has a “safe and comfortable” approach to life.

Is this how you want to live your life as well?

I will always ask the people who attended the course to see what value they got to help me make a decision – not the “tire kickers of life”.

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