Property Investor Rustica Lamb Shares Her Story

Rustica Lamb has been a member of PropertyTalk since November 2005 and over the years she has participated in the discussions on property investment.

Last month Rustica joined a discussion called “where are these investors now” revealing her story of success and  failure in property investment.


Excerpt of Rustica’s post on 24 April 2012

We lost everything including our family home. We had 7 income streams worth over $3million, but they were -$8000 cash flow per month. We were trading to top up the difference. GFC came, trading stopped, and could not find the -$8000 per month. Document servers, fire sales and a mortgagee sale later, we are still trying to get back on the property ladder, but with a greatly enhanced understanding of financial literacy (basics I might add).


Knowing the story was one worth sharing Rustica entered a short story competition ran by Wealth Dynamics on their Facebook page.    If you are a member of Facebook you can access the story here and also vote for Rustica ( I did).

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Wealth Dynamics it is ran by Roger Hamilton and he wrote a book I recommend called “Your Life Your Legacy”.  Rustica refers to the book and Wealth Dynamics as being a guiding force to turning her life around.

Over the period of three years Rustica built up an impressive $3million property portfolio and life was great.  The loans for the properties were with no doc lenders so the interest rates were high and her cash-flow per month soon became negative $8000.  Unless you have a lot of income coming in it’s hard to sustain that loss every month and the inevitable happened Rustica lost the lot  including her family home.

This was obviously a low point in Rustica’s life – (from the short story on facebook)  

“People used to say how resilient I was. In truth it was Roger Hamilton’s phase ” wealth is what you have left when all your money has gone” that kept me sane”.

   Understanding her ‘Wealth Dynamics’ profile provided Rustica with focus.  Getting support when she most needed it from key people in Wealth Dynamics put her on track to reverse her fortunes and in 2011 her monthly positive cash is $3000.

Rustica suggests the key error she made in her property investment was trying to be a ‘Trader’ profile when she is a ‘Supporter’ profile and her husband is a supporter profile too.  To understand fully the Wealth Dynamics profiles I suggest you get a copy of Roger’s book “Your Life, Your Legacy”.  It is available on

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