Tax Structures 101 New Book


Property Investors and business owners here is the book you’ve been waiting for! The author is renown tax and asset planning expert, Matthew Gilligan of Gilligan Rowe & Associates LLP.

Matthew has at last provided us with a 101 guide to Tax Structures like Trusts and LTCs (Look Through Company).

You’ll find you don’t just read it once and put it on your bookshelf. This is a book you’ll want to refer to regularly due to its case studies and practical examples.

Tax Structures 101 is an easy to read guide and covers your questions on…

What structure should an ordinary family or single person have?
What are the best structures for property investors, traders and business owners?
How do you minimise tax lawfully?
What’s kosher with the IRD?
Why is GST and deemed zero rating so risky, and what can you do to protect yourself?
How do you protect assets from banks and the many risks of life and commerce?
What should your lawyer and accountant be looking at to give you a better outcome?
What should you not let your lawyers and accountants do?

What’s a stand out in Tax Structures 101 is it’s in layperson’s language. It is written with us in mind. It is easy to read and focussed on real challenges experienced by every day Kiwis and how best to set up their assets structures.

Matthew Gilligan is a partner with Gilligan Rowe & Associates LP which specialises in asset planning, compliance and taxation, professional trustee, property structures and offshore asset planning. Matthew is a renown authority on property structures. GRA have restructured the affairs of over 10,000 families in New Zealand.

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