Dave Windler Video – 70 Percent LVR

DaveWindlerDave Windler of Mortgage Supply is a regular guest speaker at PropertyTutors’ Property Masters events.  Dave’s knowledge on financing property trades and challenging property investment deals is well known amongst property investor circles.

The RBNZ’s 70% LVR restriction on Auckland investment properties comes into effect next month however it’s well known that some of the main banks including ASB and ANZ have already implemented the calculation and this has slowed some property investors in their tracks.  Dave Windler says he is finding solutions for his clients and in this video he provides an example of the 70% LVR restriction ‘grouping rule’ that is catching investors out.

On PropertyTalk there has been avid discussion on the Auckland property market slow down however industry reports confirm property sales in the Auckland region are still slightly higher than this time last year.  What’s not yet known is who is buying the property, is it home buyers, foreign buyers or property investors.

The consequence of the tighter policy in Auckland has meant regional areas have had their LVR relaxed to 10 per cent and this will invite potential investors to look into other markets.


While many Auckland property investors are building their portfolios in the regions others really want to keep their focus in Auckland.  Dave says he’ll be explaining thoroughly the 70% LVR rule and how investors can keep progressing – at the Property Masters in Auckland and Wellington.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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