Why AKL Apartments Doubled In 18 Months

AucklandAuckland Central is leading the way in property price increases.  In the past 18 months the area of Auckland Central, which is mostly apartments, has seen the highest price percentage increase at 106.6%.  The next best performing area was Sandringham with a medium property price increase of 69.4%.

Apartments are typically a lot cheaper than standalone homes hence the median property value for Auckland Central being just $544K.  Compare that to the second best performing area of Sandringham with a median property value of $1.145M.   There is high interest in Auckland apartments from investors as buy and hold investments and also trading for profit.

Grant Hoey, renowned Auckland Apartments Investor and Mentor says interest in his mentoring program from typical property investors is huge right now. They are realising the value they can get for their money by investing in apartments.

The desire to own or rent an inner city apartment is with a much broader age group too.  Empty nesters, professionals, first home buyers and students now all want to live in the city – anything to avoid being stuck in long queues of traffic.

The close proximity to a place of employment, restaurants, entertainment and amenities is winning over atypical suburban residents.  Riding with Uber is well established in Auckland as well as car sharing services like City Hop, so a couple owning just one car or no car at all  is now doable while living in Auckland Central.  Auckland apartment living is the way of the future.

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This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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