Apartment Property Trading Attracts Investors

apartmentsAuckland apartment investor and mentor Grant Hoey says 2015 was hugely popular for property trading in Auckland apartments. Property trading is the term more frequently used to describe the process of buying, doing up and selling property for a profit.

The business of property trading involves buying a home for less than market value, then adding value to it through refurbishment before selling it on as soon as possible for more than the combined costs of it’s initial purchase, the renovation and subsequent sale.

Among residential property investors PropertyTutors in Auckland and Wellington are recognised as the go-to mentoring team for property trading instruction and support.

Investing and property trading in apartments and in particular Auckland apartments requires some of the same skill set as residential property trading but it also requires extra knowledge, and networks peculiar to owning apartments.

The Auckland apartment market is a niche sector in property with many of it’s own idiosyncrasies and rules. Property trading profit is on the line when this niche sector is not respected and Grant Hoey’s decade of apartment investing and mentoring is proving the vital ingredient sought by his growing client base.

Most investors learn of Grant and his love of apartment investing at his annual Auckland Cash Flow Apartments Seminar. This year it’s on in Auckland on Sunday 20th March.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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