Avoiding the One Bank Trap

Kris Pedersen of Kris Pedersen Mortgages recommends New Zealand Property Investors avoid the ‘One Bank Trap’. Kris has years of experience in the finance sector and founded Kris Pedersen Mortgages in 2007. Kris Pedersen is a registered financial adviser and is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority.

The One Bank Trap is a free e-Book providing valuable commentary on how New Zealand property investors can avoid the one bank trap by structuring their mortgages effectively. The commentary is ideal for property investors growing their portfolios and dealing with the associated challenges of dealing with multiple lenders.

How to structure your loans and protect your assets as you grow your property portfolio is the underlying message in this free eBook. The good news is easy to follow diagrams are included and Kris will welcome your enquiry to discuss your personal situation.

Here is an extract in an article on this ebook

“New Zealand Property Investors understand the need for asset protection and to have structuring in place that protects those assets and allows equity to build. But many of these investors fall into the trap of using just one bank for their lending.

So why is this something to avoid? As a property portfolio grows and investors take on more and more debt, lenders become more difficult to deal with and may impose limits to borrowing, or place too many terms and conditions on lending.”

You can get your copy of the One Bank Trap >>here<<

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