How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent For Your Property

realestateSelling your home is a big decision but it can be tricky finding the best real estate agent to represent your property. Do you go for a big agency or is it better to engage a boutique agency where your property won’t get lost in the crowd? Where do you start, what questions do you ask and how do you pick the good from the great?

When comparing real estate agents, I reckon you look for the following:

1. Professionalism

Is the agent punctual, do they respond when they said they would, are they polite? Look for someone who is prepared. Do they know the background on your property, do they take notes and actions from your meetings, and do they listen and not talk?

2. Presentation

Presentation matters, because how an agent looks will ultimately reflect on your property. We can’t all be supermodels, but it isn’t too much to expect your agent to make an effort to present well. A great agent must build a relationship with the purchaser. It is important for them to be likeable as this person is the primary contact for any buyer interested in your property. If they’re personable, and make the purchase enjoyable, a buyer is more likely to buy your home from them, rather than another property from someone else.

3. Reputation

What do their clients say about them? How many houses are they selling and most importantly how much are they selling them for? A great real estate agent will regularly sell properties at the top end of their appraised price range. Ask for an up to date copy of the agent’s sales track record and some examples of the marketing they generated for properties like yours.

4. Fit

You need to keep in mind the kind of property you’re selling. Think about your target buyer and the type of real estate agent your property needs. Some properties are bought easily, while others need to be sold by an experienced real estate agent who knows how to guide the transaction process forward. You also need to be comfortable with who you choose. Selling your home is a very intimate process. It helps if the agent you choose makes the process as comfortable and easy as possible.

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, the best place to start is your own network. Ask around at school, at work and among your friends and see whose name consistently comes up. Good real estate agents get passed around and people are happy to share their details. Pretty soon you’ll find you have a shortlist of salespeople worth considering.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, go to a few open homes and see how your shortlisted agents operate. Do they actively sell a property? Are they able to answer even the trickiest of purchaser queries? Do they take notes and are they able to identify the purchasers who are showing signs of interest? A great salesperson likes people and gets results by attending quickly to requests and delivering a warm and friendly service.

To help you find the best real estate agent to represent your property, download our Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing a Real Estate Agent. This handy eBook takes you through what makes a great salesperson, the questions you should ask to maximise the return on your property investment and provides a helpful checklist to shortlist the salespeople you interview.

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