How To Avoid Tenants Doing Runners

tenantsSelf property management is a doodle when everything goes to plan. The tenants pay their rent, respect your property and let you know when something needs replacing or maintained. Ahh the sound of a happy tenant – landlord relationship!

However managing your own rental properties can also go horribly wrong – even when you think you have the ‘dream’ tenants. The main reason it can all fall to pieces is ignorance i.e. just not knowing how to correctly deal with a tenancy dispute.

Empathetic communication with the tenant and use of your knowledge of the law is required. If you don’t know the law or your communication is ‘rough’ your ‘happy tenant – happy landlord’ relationship can be in tatters and more often than not you’re left out of pocket.

It’s a big risk to wing it as a self styled property manager and on PropertyTalk landlords share their horror stories of tenants doing runners, causing damage to property – you name it – it’s probably happened to a landlord in New Zealand.

Start out how you wish to carry on – is the modus operandi recommended by Pedersen Property Management. Landlords do have the best intentions for their investment property however often they wait till something goes horribly wrong before they seek help with the property management. While professional property management companies like Pedersens Property Management are fine with picking up the pieces and getting the rental property back on track for the landlord they also recommend services like their own from the word go.

Bad tenant behaviour can be avoided at the outset of tenanting a property and thus setting up the tenancy for long term success. Pedersens Property Management focus on reducing landlord stress, minimising costs and maximising investment returns.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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