Landlords May Be Fined For Messy Tenants

rubbishLandlords may come off badly if Auckland Council go ahead with their proposed bylaw to charge homeowners with rubbish in their front and back yards. To be clear here they’re not talking grass that hasn’t been cut for a couple of months complaints. However your neighbours complaints will be taken seriously when very long grass has rubbish in it.

The result of a complaint could be a $20,000 fine. Absent landlords are particularly vulnerable so it’s important their property managers are conducting regular property inspections. Pedersens Property Management manage properties for offshore, local and out of town property owners and say property inspections need to be very thorough.

“We perform regular, detailed property inspections including photographs using an iPad which links back to our property management software system. These inspections are conducted 4 weeks after a tenant moves in, then thereafter 3 or 4 monthly until a final inspection is conducted upon the tenant moving out. Property Inspection Reports including any recommendations are produced and provided to owners after every property inspection.”

Under the new proposed Auckland Council bylaw this would be considered a nuisance: Storage of material, lack of maintenance or accumulated animal excrement caused by feeding wild or feral animals.

The new bylaw would tie in all of Auckland Super City. Currently a couple of former councils areas have protection bylaws while five do not have anything.

If you want to share your property nuisance story – NZHerald are asking for them and you can send your information to their [email protected] email address.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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