Accept second best – why would you?

keysWhen it comes to getting a Mortgage, many people do just that.

Why? Because they go direct to their own Bank and assume that the Bank will offer them the best deal, without checking what else is available.

You always have options:

  • You can just assume your Bank knows best and will always offer you the best deal
  • Traipse around every other Bank until one produces an offer better that your own Bank
  • Use a Mortgage Broker, as you would a ‘smart phone’ – accessing all options with one phone call

10 Reasons Why you should use a Mortgage Broker…

  1. A Mortgage Broker is independent of any Bank
  2. The Mortgage Broker is paid by the Banks to help the Banks lend their Mortgage funds
  3. A better deal can be offered by your own Bank when negotiated by a Mortgage Broker
  4. Only incentive a Mortgage Broker has is ‘best for client’ when selecting a Banks product
  5. Service and expertise is free for regular Bank mortgages, as Bank pays the Mortgage Broker
  6. Best deal always sourced by a Mortgage Broker, otherwise they don’t get paid
  7. Mortgage Brokers do all the research, prepare the application and monitor to settlement
  8. Lawyers, Valuers and Real Estate Agents all communicate via the Mortgage Broker
  9. All the Mortgage Brokers advice and assistance is free to the client
  10. Mortgage Brokers act as your own personal ‘Mortgage Guru’ – a free advice resource

A Mortgage Broker here in New Zealand must be a RFA (Registered Financial Adviser) and belong to an independent disputes resolution scheme. Although there is no requirement for formal qualifications, they do exist, so ask if your Broker has passed the exams.

Referrals and reputation are King. What reviews or testimonials does your Mortgage Broker have and can they give you examples of work done for other clients?

Using a Mortgage Broker is all about choice. As New Zealand’s most reviewed Mortgage Broker, I’m bound to say that you would be mad not to use one – maybe that’s true!

I’m looking forward to helping you, your family or friends soon, so spread the word!

Jeff Royle – 0800 536337(LENDER)

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