Why Won’t My House Sell? Part 3

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..Finally, we’re priced right, our house looks so good we are considering keeping it and not selling after all, but we STILL don’t have any buyers looking at it!! What gives??….

I hate to say it, but maybe your agent isn’t using the right tools to market your home. Is your home on the agent’s website? Realestate.co.nz? Trademe.co.nz?

Are all the pretty new photos up there? (The more pictures the better!) Is the price correct?

Is your agent writing about your listing in his/her blog? Is your agent using online social media to share your listing with savvy buyers?

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, these are all places you should be able to find your listing. Pictures of it, links to it, descriptions of it, lots of info! Social media is not a trend that is going away.

It is not a “phase” and it’s not a thing the kids are doing.

It is the newest way to connect and communicate and share with the world.

Newspapers around the globe are going broke because people are going online to get their information and news.

Buyers want the newest, latest, greatest knowledge and they want it as fast as a click of a mouse.

They don’t want to search through a dozen magazines and as many newspapers to find their home. They want that information to be accessible and online media is the place they look for it.

So if your agent isn’t using social media to market your listing, he ought to be.

If neither of you is familiar with it and you would like some help, email me.

I’ll be glad to share my knowledge and give you some tips that will help move your property from “For Sale” to “SOLD”.

This has been adapted with permission from a post by Jessica Murr. Jessica Murr is a Realtor in Far Northern California specializing in luxury homes, ranch properties, real estate sales consulting, social media and networking, first time homebuyers, and real estate investment planning.